Just a few feet below our greenhouses is an endless, pure water supply for our hydroponic system.  With ample sunshine, climate-controlled growing bays, and glacier water supply, we believe you can taste the difference in our produce. When Mountainview Growers was started, we looked for a good piece of land to grow on, not in.  Our location has wonderful views, but the plants really don’t care about that.  They care most about the water they drink and the sun they bathe in.  Our ground-water supply is heated to the perfect drinking temperatures for plant roots and then supplemented with the delicious mixture of natural nutrients. We have happy plants.

Our computer controlled environment is constantly adapting and adjusting to light, temperature and humidity that is ideal for plants to grow in.  Because of this careful monitoring and control, we end up with nearly 100% production coming from our plants.  What does that mean, very little waste and almost every tomato we produce is perfect.

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