Five days a week we are shipping to finest stores and restaurants across Northwest Montana and Idaho.  Since we pick, pack, and ship so quickly and frequently, when you see our produce on the store shelves, you know that it was picked red and brought to you in the shortest time possible.  No lengthy cross-country trips from Canada or Mexico needed.  All of the flavor,  texture and freshness you can possibly ask for.  Why buy anything else?

Why choose us?

Buy Local

When you live in Montana, you realize that helping your neighbor is an important way of living.  We all strive to buy local and help our neighbor.  In our case, you help your neighbor by buying our produce, but your also get the superior produce.

Buy Pesticide Free

We have voluntarily and successfully met the USDA’s criteria for Good Agricultural practices and Good Handling Practices. We also have multiple members of our team that have completed the Produce Safety Alliance course. We never use pesticides to treat the plants.  This means that you can eat our produce in confidence knowing that it is as pure and healthy as you will have in your garden….perhaps even better 😉

Buy Fresh

Do you have a garden at home?  Would you pick your tomatoes when they are green? Many people don’t realize just where their food comes from.  All around our country, produce is purchased and shipped from Mexico and Canada.  Why do they do this, you ask? Because produce that is picked green in Mexico and shipped across the country can save them a few cents on a tomato.  Don’t waste your time trying to make a nice meal with flavorless food.  Buy fresh from us.